This is an organisation which uses OpenSAFELY to deliver research projects. Every project it has started is listed below.


These are individual OpenSAFELY projects that have been started by DataLab.

96 - Covid-19 related death over time 108 - Hepatitis in Children related to the pandemic 113 - Shared care monitoring: the impact of COVID-19 and factors associated with resilience 114 - Ethnicity Short Data Report 115 - Effectiveness of sotrovimab/molnupiravir use vs non-use 122 - Opioid prescribing trends and changes during COVID-19 123 - PINCER change detection 124 - Describing patterns of BMI recordings in primary care records 125 - What was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medication reviews? ADTinjectables Aftershocks Health Inequalities Antibody and antiviral deployment Antidepressant Learning Disability and Autism Antimicrobial stewardship during COVID-19 Antipsychotics Prescribing During Covid-19 Asthma_dictionary_register Asthma_indicators Asthma SRO bl Blood Pressure - Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) BMI Short Data Report Comparative Vaccine Effectiveness copilot-demo COVID-19 Reinfection COVID-19 services for people with asthma COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough COVID-19 Vaccine Effectiveness COVID-19 Vaccine Not Done COVID-19 Vaccine Preliminary covid_determinants Covid Vaccine Not Done CSVT Population Counts David Ryan Demographics Diabetes Test Levels Factors Associated with Covid-19 Vaccination Flu Vaccine Dashboard Development Highcost Drugs hypertension-sro Immunosuppresant Medication Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on prevention of cardiovascular disease Long COVID-19 Long COVID-19 Historical Health Long COVID-19 Sick Notes Long Covid Coding Mechanical Valve Anticoag med-safety-PoC NCS Hospital Disruption NICE managing the long term effects of COVID-19 study OpenSAFELY Demo OpenSAFELY Interactive OpenSAFELY Testing PaCa_Enzyme_Rx Pancreatic cancer Pathology-comparators-short-report PINCER Population Outcomes Post-COVID-19 Re-admission Post-COVID-19 Thrombosis Primary Care Covid Codes Research PRIMIS Codelist Prevalance PRIMIS Covid-19 Vaccine Coverage PRINCIPLE trial recommended budesonide inhaler uptake Pulse Oximetry SRO RCT-functionality-test Renal function Service Restoration Observatory Surgery Outcomes test TNCC Vaccine Efficacy TPP representativeness Vaccine Effectiveness Hospital Admissions