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This page describes a "job", an action (__error__) requested by the user, and run on a secure backend (TPP).


Status: Failed

Status message:
GitError: Error fetching commit a55a8174e1b2a3fe1c250936d6bd02e5b1880b33 from https://github.com/opensafely/amr-uom-brit



The timestamps below are generated and stored using the UTC timezone on the secure backend which created this job, TPP.


When the job was created by the secure backend.


When the job moved to the pending or running state on the secure backend.


When the job finished running on the secure backend.

Duration: -

How long the job ran for on the secure backend, this includes time spent copying files, and waiting to be checked by the backend.

Last Updated by Backend:

How long ago did the secure backend update the website about this job.