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Bennett Institute
Factors Associated with Covid-19 Vaccination
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Alex Walker

This is an OpenSAFELY workspace. It represents a working directory for the 37 - Factors Associated with Covid-19 Vaccination project on all of the secure services ("backends") supported by OpenSAFELY.

On each backend, the directory includes code from the repository, and the results of running it against real data ("jobs"). Researchers can request jobs are run from this page.

Workspace purpose

Early in the pandemic, it was unclear how often reinfection with COVID-19 occurred. This was an initial exploration to count how often this happens. It simply counts how often repeated infection episodes are recorded (at least 90 days after the first recorded infection). This is reported monthly over time. The interval between the first and second record of infection is also reported.

This project was not taken beyond this point due to competing priorities at the time, and subsequently a much better understanding of reinfection from other sources.



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