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GP appointments during COVID

GP appointments during COVID is an OpenSAFELY project from DataLab. Every time a researcher runs their analytic code against patient data, it is audited in public here.


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In accordance with the Principles of OpenSAFELY we expect all code from all users to be made public.

However, some GitHub repositories may be private during the development stage of a project, which means any links to them from this site will return a '404 Not Found' error unless you are logged in and have the relevant permissions.


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  • Alex Walker
  • Amir Mehrkar
  • Andrea Schaffer
  • Ben Goldacre
  • Brian
  • Caroline Walters
  • Chris Wood
  • Colm Andrews
  • Iain Dillingham
  • Linda Nab
  • Lisa Hopcroft
  • Peter Inglesby
  • Richard Croker
  • Rose Higgins
  • Roz Eggo
  • Will Hulme