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This page shows the technical details of what happened when authorised researcher PedroOliveira28 requested one or more actions to be run against real patient data in the Prostate Cancer PSA Testing project, within a secure environment.

By cross-referencing the indicated Requested Actions with the Pipeline section below, you can infer what security level various outputs were written to. Outputs marked as highly_sensitive can never be viewed directly by a researcher; they can only request that code runs against them. Outputs marked as moderately_sensitive can be viewed by an approved researcher by logging into a highly secure environment. Only outputs marked as moderately_sensitive can be requested for release to the public, via a controlled output review service.


ID Status Action
zcfuws3dik3y4stx succeeded generate_study_population
fdpnbtrwj2z3nmrj succeeded generate_measures


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version: '3.0'

  population_size: 1000


    run: cohortextractor:latest generate_cohort --study-definition study_definition --index-date-range "2019-04-01 to 2021-09-30 by month" --output-dir=output --output-format csv.gz
        cohort: output/input_*.csv.gz
        #This has been taken from
        #The output files are not there, but assume it will give the 30 input files witht the suffices being the months
        #The .gz extension code above is to turn it into a compressed file

      run: cohortextractor:latest generate_measures --study-definition study_definition --output-dir=output
      #Give errors if used: --index-date-range "2019-04-01 to 2021-09-30 by month" --output-format csv
      needs: [generate_study_population]
          measure_csv: output/measure_*.csv

  # run_model:
  #   run: python:analysis/
  #   needs: [generate_measures]
  #   outputs:
  #     moderately_sensitive:
  #       measure_csv: output/PSA_test_total_table.csv

  #New 2021/10/11 - working in ypnb book locally, but gives error whem running model
  # run_model:
  #   run: python:analysis/
  #   needs: [generate_measures]
  #   outputs:
  #     moderately_sensitive:
  #       plots: output/Tests_long_list.png, output/Tests_short_list.png
  #       #Putting a second line with plots and a different output gives duplicate key error


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