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Online Consultations

Online Consultations is an OpenSAFELY project from NHSX. Every time a researcher runs their analytic code against patient data, it is audited in public here.

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We aimed to explore general practice coding activity associated with the use of online consultation systems in terms of trends, COVID-19 effect, variation and quality. The pandemic accelerated work by the NHS in England to enable and stimulate use of online consultation systems across all practices, for improved access to primary care. With the approval of NHS England, OpenSAFELY-TPP and OpenSAFELY-EMIS were used to query and analyse in situ records of electronic health record systems of over 53 million patients in over 6,400 practices, mainly in 2019-2020. SNOMED CT codes relevant to online consultation systems and written online consultations were identified. Coded events were described by volumes, practice coverage, trends pre- and post-COVID-19 and inter-practice and sociodemographic variation. ||| Blog link: ||| Pre-print link: TBD ||| Paper link: TBD


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The concept of projects were added to this site after workspaces, so this workspaces predates its project.


  • Jonny Pearson
  • Martina Fonseca
  • Peter Inglesby