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Investigating events following SARS-CoV-2 infection

Investigating events following SARS-CoV-2 infection is an OpenSAFELY project from University of Bristol. Every time a researcher runs their analytic code against patient data, it is audited in public here.


Project timeline

  • Project created:

  • Code first run:

Why was the project created after code was first run?

The concept of projects were added to this site after workspaces, so this workspace predates its project.

Private repos

These repos are currently not publicly visible

In accordance with the Principles of OpenSAFELY we expect all code from all users to be made public.

However, some GitHub repositories may be private during the development stage of a project, which means any links to them from this site will return a '404 Not Found' error unless you are logged in and have the relevant permissions.


Recently published reports

  • No reports

    This project does not currently have any published reports


  • Elsie Horne
  • Emily Eyles
  • Emma Tarmey
  • Genevieve Cezard
  • Jose Ignacio Cuitun Coronado
  • Marwa Al Arab
  • Michael Gulley
  • Rachel Denholm
  • Rochelle Knight
  • Scott Walter
  • Venexia Walker
  • Yinghui Wei